Monday, April 11, 2011

He's "mart!"

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but when I was getting stuff ready for the baby the boys grabbed the pacifiers and pretended to be babies. It was pretty cute. :)

We tackled potty training pretty hard core with Aaron the last few weeks. I tried to make it as stress-free as possible both for him, and myself. I simply put the underwear on him and made sure to take him to the toilet every 30-60 minutes. From day one he was pretty successful in that he had minimal accidents (maybe one or two) but that was purely from the effort of getting him to the toilet in time.

It's really great because his baby sitter is completely on board with us and doesn't mind him coming in underwear even if he's not completely trained!

This morning I put him in underwear right away after taking off his overnight diaper. I had dishes to do and diapers to wash and other general house "stuff" to take care of so the boys watched Curious George while I did those things. While I was washing dishes I heard the pitter patter of little bare feet into the bathroom and the toilet lid going up. I dashed into the bathroom quick (because Aaron can't get himself on the toilet by himself) and Aaron was saying, "Mart! Mart!" (I think it's because we tell him he's so smart when he uses the toilet?). I asked him if he needed to pee and he said, "Yeah! Mart!" and then he did (on the toilet).

I know this is just one part of many on this journey, but it's wonderful that at 26 months old he's telling me when he has to go. That's a BIG step in training.

Oh, and he FINALLY got his words last week. Of course, it was during my super busy week at work while Sam was home. I opened up the van door on Saturday to get Aaron and he looked at me and said, "Blankie, ground!" (Everything is said with exclamation from this boy). He has yet to get his connecting words, but the nouns are definitely there, along with verbs. Whew, I thought he would never learn how to speak for himself, which is ironic considering his name is Aaron (who was the spokesman for Moses...).

Other than that, things are going really well. Nathaniel is reading really well now. He's sounding out unfamiliar words pretty well, trying hard to remember all of those darn "rules". Let me tell you, it's pretty funny listening to someone try to sound out the word "face" by breaking it down sound by sound and thinking it's a hard c sound. :)

The pregnancy is going great. I'm trying really hard to stay active, but with Sam home it's increasingly easy to be a slug on the couch in the evenings rather than keep up with the boys. We had a rummage sale at church for the youth group last weekend and I was surprisingly NOT sore on Sunday afterwards, even though we put in a ton of hours (more than 24 in three days). I'm trying to save my energy when I can and do just what is needed to be done (like vacuum and laundry and sweeping, although sweeping is getting harder...). I'm still really hoping to have a successful VBAC. My doctor is being wonderfully supportive and we have the agreement that I'm not going to try to be a super hero/martyr. I will try my best but I'm not going to refuse medical intervention if I need it. My health and the baby's health is more important. I think not being induced and having Sam here will really help me overall though.

That's about it here. I'm trying to keep up with this blog, although most of the people who read this also are friends with me on facebook so any pictures I post are usually up there...

Hope everyone is well!