Saturday, June 23, 2012

Growing Pains

I love to run.

There is something so relaxing about lacing up my New Balance shoes, throwing on some old clothes and heading out for a couple of miles. Maybe it's because I can be alone in my thoughts, perhaps it's because I can push my body a little further than I'm used to.

Or maybe I'm just a masochist. The jury is still out on that one. :)

I also love the health benefits of running.

I've been doing some yoga and Zumba the past few months as part of a super deal that I got on Groupon. The studio is being redone, so it hasn't been the best experience, but for awhile there were no mirrors in the class.

The mirrors went up last week.

Today, I wore shorts to class (because I'm tired of being drenched in sweat) and I noticed that not only are my legs the most pasty white of anyone in there (scary white), but I have the most muscular calves. :) It's actually gross with how white and pasty they are though, and veiny, but muscular! All because I run!

Anyways, all of that to say...

You would think that two fairly active people would spawn active children.

In my dreams my children watch Sam and I as we leave for runs, work out to videos on the t.v. and go for hikes. Those same children then desire to go run and jump and play so they can be like us.

In reality, my children HATE exercise. Nathaniel was officially the slowest kid in P.E. this year. I'm talking the little girls who forgot to wear running shoes so they are running in strappy sandals were beating him during the warm up laps.

And, he is unconcerned because there is no competitive drive with that kid when it comes to being physically active. Not one iota.

Our goals this summer include learning how to tie shoes, finishing Minuet No. 2 on violin, and running a mile without stopping.

Oy. Today we went out for our first run. The goal, running 1/4 of a mile without stopping. I estimated that would be to the corner and back. We made it 2 houses before he started whining (and walking). We still went to the corner and back, but I think he actually ran a total of 100 yards. *sigh* Perseverance....

Before people think I'm complaining about my son, or wish he were someone he weren't, I want to reassure people. I LOVE my kids. I love almost everything about them (except for attitudes and things that need to be worked out, it's part of parenting, molding them into functional human beings...). Nathaniel has A LOT going for him. (Warning, I'm going to brag now, but my blog, my rights!)

He can play the violin, and knows how to read music.
He can read AND comprehend what he is reading (I don't know what level he is at because we haven't gotten test scores back, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is reading at a third grade level).
His favorite thing to do is worksheets, and he has no problem completing first grade work (without help from Sam or I).
He is loving and generous and always watches out for the underdog.
He finished his Sparks book twice this school year AND did the extra book with time to spare (lots of memorization).

We just want him to see the value of being fit, and we would like him (and all of our kids) to be well rounded.

On that note. I just signed him up for a weekly soccer class through the rec center. He cried. Little steps, little steps...