Monday, October 8, 2012

He loves deeply

My children are passionate about life. They play hard, sleep hard, and love each other fiercely.

So far, Aaron is the epitome of loving deeply.

This kid is passionate. I always joke that if he had a font it would be caps lock because everything is SO EXCITING!

For example, Aaron is a fan of one of my youth leaders, Derek. He has been known to stand up in a crowd when he sees Derek on video and yell, "I WOVE Derek!!!" (We're working on the speech issue).

Of course, he also has his moments of shyness and will hide his face in my arm when Derek walks up and refuses to look him in the eye. We're working on social skills too. Give him a break, he's 3.

For some reason Aaron has been fixated on death lately. I'm not sure if he's just trying to wrap his head around the idea, or if preschool has emphasized the death and resurrection of Jesus a lot lately, either way, he is very distressed with the idea that someday we will all die (I don't believe in lying to my kids about the realities of our mortality. I do keep it age appropriate, but I won't tell my kid that Sam or I will never die, I feel like that could come back and bite me in the butt). So, last night he was lying in bed while we were getting ready to say our prayers and he became so very sad that someday I would die. We moved past it pretty quickly though.

This morning, though, we were driving home from our annual Monday trip to the Happiest Place on Earth when I heard sobbing from the back seat. I asked Aaron what was wrong and he said, "I miss Daddy! I love him SO MUCH! I love him to the sun and back!"

He calmed down when I reminded him that Daddy works in the kitchen now, so we would see him in 5 minutes. Sure enough, the minute we got home, Aaron ran into the house and I heard his little voice, "Daddy! I wove you to the sun and back!"

I love that my children have yet to become jaded. I love that they haven't yet gotten hurt to where they feel the need to guard their hearts from being broken and destroyed. I know that part of life involves being hurt, either by friends who unintentionally hurt our feelings, by bullies who use the words that will wound them deeply, or by the reality that sometimes life just stinks.

But, for now, I enjoy that my children love deeply. I love that when I sit next to Aaron he immediately covers me up with the blanket he's using and says, "Oh! You want to cuddle with me, Mommy?" I love that Benjamin gives kisses and hugs and does so without any prompting. I also love that even though he's big now (6 is OLD!), that Nathaniel will still give me hugs and kisses in the privacy of our house.

Not to mention my rockin' hubby!

I'm blessed. :)