Monday, August 29, 2011

Almost kindergarten, and other random facts.

I can't believe that we are almost the parents of a kindergartner. Not that I can really remember a time in our marriage when we didn't have kids (those four years seem like so long ago, and, to be fair, Sam was gone quite a bit of that, over 1/4th of it). It's very surreal.

On the one hand, I'm a little sad to enter this next stage of life. This "new season". I'm sad that I will no longer be able to take Nathaniel to Disneyland whenever we want to go. Instead, I will have to wait until Friday after school because every other day of the week will be too busy with school, practicing violin, lessons, sports (hopefully) and life and bed to be able to go to Disneyland. I am sad that he has some place he HAS to be now, rather than "Well, I'm home today from work, so he doesn't have to go to preschool".

But, on the other hand, I'm happy that he is starting school. He is more than ready academically. He's been reading words for the past year and a half and has balked at learning any more. I figure once a teacher is telling him to do it, he will be more than happy to. We went school shopping this weekend and bought lace up shoes for him telling him that part of being a kindergartner was tying his own shoes. He's been practicing since Saturday. He even made up a song. I don't know how it goes but I heard him singing, "Then you grab the loops and pull..." and when I asked him where he learned the song he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I made it up!"

He's a little nervous, but I'm excited about the smaller class sizes at Bethany and the fact that he's on the same campus that he was on for preschool AND half of his class is from his preschool class. Now, we just need to hope and pray that he uses his voice when he needs to. That he learns that it's okay to raise his hand and ask to go to the bathroom. I want him to know that if someone is bothering him he can tell the teacher and it will stop. I'll let you all know how the first day goes. It's in a week. :)

Aaron is doing much better. While Sam was gone he went through a biting and peeing/pooping his pants phase. If he wasn't doing one, he was doing the other. I hoped and prayed that it was just separation anxiety from Sam, and it was. Since Sam's been home he hasn't bitten at all and has jumped back on the potty train like a trooper. The only times he really has an accident is when we fail to take him, or when he's super focused on something else.

His talking is taking off as well. He has full sentences and has finally started referring to himself as Aaron. For awhile when we would ask him his name he would shout, "Two and a half!!" because that is how old he is. :) Now, he labels everyone and everything. If Aaron had a font it would be caps lock.


It's fun. He is singing songs now, very carefully, making sure to get each word in the song. "All 'board the choo choo train, all 'board choo choo train. All board choo choo train. All board, all board." (from Disney Jr.).

He also likes to play pretend with everyone and everything. He makes us play food, he sings us silly songs, he cracks himself up by pretending things are something else. For example, I'll ask him to bring me a book and he will run to his room and grab underwear or a blanket and come out saying, "Here's a book, mom!" then fall over giggling. :) He makes me laugh.

Benjamin is doing well. He caught this horrible cold that his older brothers got (fever, then cough, ugh). His cough is horrible and he's actually coughed out a few things (yum, tmi, sorry), but he's breathing fine so I'm not worried, just keeping one ear open at all times.

He sleeps like a dream! I swear, I was so worried about having a third child because everyone I know has said that the third one was the wild card who was totally difficult or crazy or just way different. Benjamin IS way different from his brothers. He sleeps through the night! Both Aaron and Nathaniel were up at LEAST twice a night until they were 9 and 10 months old. Benjamin sleeps from about 9-4:30, sometimes longer. I can take no credit for this, it is simply something he has done without any training or crying it out or anything from me. We didn't even have to sleep train him, he naturally falls asleep by himself looking at the mobile. Happy us! He coos whenever he is awake and giggles hysterically at his brothers. He has yet to roll all the way over, but will roll to his side to sleep and immediately sticks his thumb in his mouth. He gives giant open mouth kisses to anyone who is willing to receive them and, just like Aaron before him, absolutely refuses to drink anything from a bottle. I'm hoping that changes because he starts daycare on Thursday. He'll get hungry enough eventually. I hope.

Sam and I are doing well. We are running the Disneyland 1/2 marathon on Sunday and feel like we are ready. I started training in June and at first I wasn't sure if I could do it. But, my fitness level came back super fast and within a few weeks I could run a mile in under 10 minutes (not the greatest, but not too shabby for having just had a kid, I think). Last night we ran 10 miles in 2 hours, so we feel pretty confident that we will be able to finish the 1/2 in under 3 hours. I'm super excited to do this, but after the race I'm planning on cutting my runs down to just running three at a time then going and doing ab and arm work. My arms are starting to wave back. :)

Sorry for the long update here. Life is going great, but super crazy. Long updates are what to expect for awhile.

Will update after the first day of school (ominous music here).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rambling late night thoughts.

Random thought #1: I just noticed that this is my 300th post. Dang!

I love being a mom. Even with Sam gone this past month, I've loved being a mom of three rambunctious little boys. Sure, by the time I finally get them all to bed, finish up whatever thing absolutely has to be done and flop down on the couch at night, I'm exhausted, but I LOVE life right now and wouldn't trade it for anything.

I would, however, trade random comments from strangers (and some non-strangers) that silly old me thought would stop after giving birth to the third little boy.

Here are examples of a few of the comments I hear the most of:

1. Are you going to try for a girl?
I usually smile and say something along of the lines of we weren't trying for a girl this time and please let my body recover from this last 10 pound child please before talking about another baby.

2. Oh...three boys. I bet you wish you had a little girl, huh?
Nope! I am blessed to have three incredibly cute and easy going (for the most part, don't ask how Aaron's biting habits have been lately...) boys. I am also blessed to be a Jr. High Pastor and get to have the best parts of girls and send them and their attitudes (because, you know that they have them) home to their parents.

3. Are you expecting!?
No, you moron, as you can see I am either pushing a newborn in a stroller or have him in my arms. I am not pregnant, and you have just successfully made my self confidence drop another few points. It's called post partum and it usually takes more than a month or two to get rid of the belly. Only one time have I felt gracious towards someone who asked me this question, and that was because it was someone I hadn't seen in nearly 2 years, I was wearing a maternity top (no judging, the baby was 6 weeks old and nothing else fit right) and Benjamin was sleeping in his car seat underneath the table out of her sight. I immediately said (as she gestured toward her stomach and started the "Oh, you're expecting!" comment), "I just had a baby!" to help her save face.

And my favorite comment which makes me cringe through my smile:
4. "Wow, looks like you have your hands full!"
This comment is usually said to me as I'm wearing Benjamin on my front, strapped to me like a bomb, and am pushing the double jogger through a crowded festival, or while I'm making sure Aaron and Nathaniel don't wander too far away while I'm changing a diaper. I normally smile and say, "yup!" as I keep on going, but sometimes I want to say, "yes, yes my hands are full. HELP ME!!" because I'm trying to maneuver through a crowd or buckle seat belts or get food for the older two. Here's a hint people, if you see a very tired looking mom with three small children, offer to help her, offer her a bottle of water, offer her a massage (especially if you are the owner of a spa at a community festival, just saying...).

But, aside from the "don't you wish you had a girl?" questions, I love my kids and I love chasing them around and playing with them.

But, I also love sleep and my insomniac ways have led me to be up WAY past my bedtime. Enjoy the late night ramblings of my fried mommy brain (I'm sure there are a ton of grammatical errors!)