Thursday, August 23, 2012


As I alluded to in my last post, there have definitely been lots of changes and transitions in the Grummons family. Lots and lots of adventure, and a change from the mundane.

It's great. And I think we are finally ready to start sharing a little bit of what is going on (I don't like putting things out there before they are cemented because, well, wouldn't I look like a fool for stating something then taking it back?).

First of all, beginning October 1st Sam will officially be a civilian. As in, no more one weekend a month and two weeks a year (HA! As if it ever were truly one weekend a month and two weeks a year only). Sam has decided that it is time to get out (he actually decided this a long time ago). So, the past two years he spent full time in the Guard using them to get some training and get his Microsoft certificates. He then began to put his resume out there, and as of last Monday, he officially works for IBM for the Mobile division. He explained what he did, and it promptly fell out of my head because anything really technical sounds like white noise eventually. :) I am SO proud of him. While ideally we would love to see Sam get his Ph.D. and move on to professor status in Philosophy, the reality is that we now have three kids and a youth pastor's salary is just not enough to do the important things like pay for a mortgage/rent and eat. Plus, we like our children to be dressed as nudity is frowned upon in our society.

The bonus of all of this is that Sam works from home. So, our mornings are now a lot less hectic in that all Sam has to do is log into his computer. This morning he had a 6am meeting, so he rolled out of bed at 5:30, walked the dog, and was back in plenty of time to be at his meeting. During his meeting (since it was a meeting of people who are WAY higher up than he is) he was able to make lunches for the boys, get coffee ready, and help me move some unmotivated children out the door. So great.

The second bit of news is that with a job change for Sam and a bit of permanence happening in our lives, we are beginning the process of looking for houses. I am beyond excited about this because it means a permanent address, painting walls and choosing things based on our style. We haven't gotten very far in the process, but I'm hoping that things move along quickly.

That's about it here for changes. I know it's only two things, but they are huge things.

On a bummer note, I just got a call from Sam and it turns out that our new insurance doesn't cover speech therapy for kids unless it's from a brain injury. Luckily, we just got Aaron's IEP through the school district back in June so he can transition into local state funded therapy no problem. Unfortunately, they didn't really diagnose him right, saying that he has an articulation problem when the problem is actually fluency. He can make all of the right sounds independently, but when he strings sentences together sounds drop out. He is doing MUCH better, though, so it won't be too much of a problem.

And, on a child note, here are the things each child has mastered this summer.

Nathaniel: He mastered riding his bike without help, began swimming on his own without panicking, and took a few fiddle lessons. Violin starts up again next week, hooray!

Aaron: His speech has turned around and his S's are much clearer as well as his sentences. I can now understand him about 80% of the time! Woo! He also started swimming a bit on his own and is asking deep questions about death, trying to wrap his 3 year old brain around the concept (I don't know why, but we answer him in an age appropriate and truthful way).

Benjamin: He is now running everywhere. Mostly he runs away from us with a mischievous giggle. He can climb up onto a step stool to reach whoever's toothbrush is lying closest, then brushes his teeth with it. He also sings the alphabet. I promise I am not exaggerating this. As of this morning he can get to P clearly, well, except that LMNO sounds like 'lalalala-lo'. He's 15 months old. I swear I'm not lying, I got a video yesterday and today he went all the way to P so...I need to get another video. It's crazy.

That's about it here!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The slacking blogger strikes again.

I haven't written in a long time, not because I haven't had stuff to write about, but because between Sam being gone for his Annual Training (Last. One. EVER!!!), packing up and taking some amazing Jr. High students to Hume Lake Christian Camps, Sam packing up and leaving for another business trip and my family flying in for a visit, we've been a bit busy.

I do have a ton to write about! But, it will be in little writings because SO much has gone on the past few months in our lives (no, I'm not pregnant).

Today, however, we celebrate 10 years married. We have gone through a lot as a little family, including two deployments, moving around a ton, trying to find jobs and live out our passions while seeking God's will. I count myself lucky to still be madly in love with this awesome man (although technically I am lucky to have gotten such a great husband, we can take partial credit for our happiness and love because marriages DO take work). He is still my favorite person to go on long car trips with, my favorite person to listen to music to (and sing along badly with), and my favorite person to watch cheesy, nerd movies with. I'm so lucky!

Happy Anniversary to my Love. :)

Coming soon...updates about what has been going on with our family (still not pregnant).