Friday, August 17, 2012

The slacking blogger strikes again.

I haven't written in a long time, not because I haven't had stuff to write about, but because between Sam being gone for his Annual Training (Last. One. EVER!!!), packing up and taking some amazing Jr. High students to Hume Lake Christian Camps, Sam packing up and leaving for another business trip and my family flying in for a visit, we've been a bit busy.

I do have a ton to write about! But, it will be in little writings because SO much has gone on the past few months in our lives (no, I'm not pregnant).

Today, however, we celebrate 10 years married. We have gone through a lot as a little family, including two deployments, moving around a ton, trying to find jobs and live out our passions while seeking God's will. I count myself lucky to still be madly in love with this awesome man (although technically I am lucky to have gotten such a great husband, we can take partial credit for our happiness and love because marriages DO take work). He is still my favorite person to go on long car trips with, my favorite person to listen to music to (and sing along badly with), and my favorite person to watch cheesy, nerd movies with. I'm so lucky!

Happy Anniversary to my Love. :)

Coming soon...updates about what has been going on with our family (still not pregnant).

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