Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter--He has risen!

Well, for some reason my pics have uploaded in backwards order, but at least I have some posted.

It has been a busy week here. I love Easter week though, even in all of it's busyness. I think it is just a good reminder for me to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us, especially when I reflect on how much I don't deserve his grace and mercy.

What has been really challenging is trying to relate the Easter story to Nathaniel without going overboard. It's been good for me to flex my creative contextualization muscles to help him understand. All week we have been talkimg about Jesus and Easter. We decided to do the whole Easter Bunny thing and I told Nathaniel that the Easter Bunny was so happy that Jesus is alive that he leaves treats for little boys and girls. It works. I also thought about a way I could help Nathaniel understand Jesus dying for us. So I told him that Jesus took our punishment like if everytime Nathaniel disobeyed I gave Aaron a timeout or spanking instead of Nathaniel--even if Aaron didn't do anything wrong. I think he got it a little bit.

Tonight we read his preschooler's Bible and while I was cleaning up and setting up the egg dyeing stuff he was looking at the pictures saying, "They spank Jesus and he prayed and he sleep and he alive!" I am happy.

Here are pictures from our egg adventures. I am happy to report that no eggs were harmed in the process.

the finished eggs

mom and nathaniel

n putting stickers on.

Aaron gave up and went to sleep. I guess we aren't exciting enough.

pink hands after sticking his hand in the cup.

mommy and Aaron. He wasn't too happy.

Hanging out.

getting started.

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Cheryl Smith said...

I'm thinking if you mentioned to Jesus you don't deserve his grace or mercy he'd likely think you were a total doof.