Monday, April 20, 2009


I just think that this picture is adorable. No other reason to post it. Gosh, he is so cute!
The time has come to start teaching Nathaniel responsibilities. I figure that while he is young enough to find chores fun I better teach him as much as I can. He decided on his own that feeding the cats would be his job (and heaven help me if I feed the cats in front of him without offering to let him do it). He's pretty good at that job except that I have to get the food in the cup for him. But, he hardly spills any and he makes sure that each cat has the same amount in his bowl. The other day I decided to teach him how to make his bed too. Of course, the blankets and sheets are never lying flat, but he's doing it himself and he is so proud of it. Now, if I could only get him to scoop the cat box I would be one happy mom...
He actually looks happy to be doing chores!

His bed is so high that he has to stand on it to make it.

On another note: I restarted potty training today. We have been hanging out in the kitchen and dining room (read: carpet-less places) and he is only in his underwear (less mess for me to clean up). It is just after noon and so far we have success. Of course, I have been the one to suggest potty trips, but he's gone in the toilet when I've brought him into the bathroom so...we'll see.

Also, lately I have found that people have funnier life stories to share than I do. Perhaps I have just have a boring life or am not a good story teller, but seriously, in the past week I have heard a story about a man using the ladies' bathroom on accident (not realizing it until he was mid-poo and he heard high heels walking in and then he noticed the female-ness of the bathroom) and I have heard a story about an adult male peeing his pants on accident and then, figuring that it was a lost cause, peeing his pants the rest of the way.

Maybe I just need to have more adventures (or make more dumb mistakes!).


Cheryl Smith said...

I have a good bathroom story....when I was traveling in Iran, I got stuck in a bathroom stall in a restaurant. My friends were walking out when I went in and had walked out of hearing range while I was in there shouting for help. None of the men in the restaurant would come in and help because let's be proper Iranian man would go into the women's restroom. Finally, one braved his family's honor, dove into the bathroom and finally jacked the door open. I could have died in there, I tell ya....!

Anonymous said...

You are so good, Carrie. Our neighbor did that with their kid from the earliest age and he is one fantastic, responsible kid.