Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bullet points of life.

Since I've been kind of lazy with updating lately, I thought I would put some bullet points of what's going on with us.

  • Sam is coming home for 9 days. He will be here on Saturday. We are so so so so so excited about this I think I might pee a little. Seriously, I am thrilled to death about seeing Sam and introducing him to his little boy. Even Nathaniel is bouncy-happy about this!
  • I am almost ashamed to admit this, but obviously not too ashamed since I'm blogging about this, but I watched the Michael Jackson memorial service and cried a couple of times. My theory behind the tears is that he was such an icon and it was sad to see his family truly mourning. Plus, I find that lately I don't emote like I ought to so I have to find other ways to let out my emotions. So, it probably wasn't a bad thing that I cried when Usher sang, "Gone too soon."
  • Speaking of finding other outlets for my emotions, tomorrow I'm going to see "My Sister's Keeper". I read the book, but I heard that the movie is way different. I'm bringing kleenex and a friend and am really looking forward to having some time away from the boys. We're also getting pedicures so, I'm really "girling" it out.
  • Did I mention that Sam will be home on Saturday?
  • Nathaniel is doing better with his attitude. Time outs have been less of an occurrence. Thank God! I was so tired of replacing him in time out.
  • I have officially lost all of my Aaron weight! Woot for the Wii Fit!
  • Sam's home on Saturday, can you tell I'm excited?
  • Nathaniel will be three next week. We're having a Pirate themed party for him on Sunday. I can't believe my baby is three!
  • We are also dedicating Aaron at church on Sunday. It's going to be a big day for our family.

That's about it here. I know it's all random, but whatever. At least it's an update!

Did I mention Sam's coming home on leave?

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