Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kicking it in Iowa.

Just wanted to let people know that we are in Iowa until September. My mom doesn't have good internet and neither does the town so my updates will be few and far between. Hopefully Sam will update this thing with news of himself!

We are having a great time. It's been so nice to catch up with people and also just sit and enjoy the outside. The weather is awesome and my mom has so much space so Nathaniel can just run around and be a kid. He's played hide and seek outside and has caught lightening bugs. It's been great.

Aaron has two teeth and is now scooting across the floor. He is really trying hard to crawl and will have it before he turns 6 months for sure. He has almost mastered getting from the crawl position to the sitting up position too.

That's about it here. Hope people are well!

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Lee Jones said...

Love the new blog photo. Hope you are having fun.