Sunday, February 28, 2010

Out of the mouths of children

The kids have been having a lot of fun lately. Nathaniel has been getting out his costumes and the two of them like to dress up and play pretend.

Here are a few pictures and a couple of fun stories.

running 001

Aaron likes to play with Nathaniel’s Iron Man mask. This thing has gotten quite a bit of wear since Halloween!

running 006

The other day Nathaniel was dressing up as a fireman and wanted Aaron to be his dog. So, they did that. Then Aaron went down for a nap and Nathaniel decided that he wanted to be a dog.

running 007

I think he looks pretty silly.

The other night Nathaniel was playing with a stuffed dog and pretending that he was a dog too. At dinner time he set the table and then got a bowl for “food” for his puppy. I then watched him grab the stuffed dog, put it next to the bowl and whisper in it’s ear, “You can’t eat until we pray, okay?” and then he put the dog’s face in it’s paws so that the dog could pray.

Nathaniel is also talking about how many siblings he wants. He keeps saying he wants another brother and a sister (four kids total in our family). I asked him today if he wanted there to be four kids in our family and he said, “No, I want ten.”

I laughed and told him that when he grew up he could have as many kids as he wanted when he got married as long as his wife agreed. Nathaniel said, “I want to get married.” I asked him who he wanted to marry and he said, “I want to marry Kaatje!” (Kaatje is his buddy).

I asked him some very important questions. 1. Does Kaatje love Jesus? (yes) 2. Is Kaatje your best friend? (yes) 3. Do you and Kaatje have fun playing together and let the other person play too? (yes). I then asked him if he wanted me to call Kaatje’s mommy and ask her if it was okay if they got married. He said yes, I should call her mommy.

I told him he needed a ring first.

Nathaniel is also officially reading. It's crazy how it's clicked with him. This morning he was sitting with a book and he pointed to a word (a small print word on a page with no pictures) and said, "me" which is what the word said. He can read several small words and is also really into rhyming. I can't believe my three year old is reading...yikes!

Aaron is officially only walking. It had gotten to the point where he would sometimes walk but mostly do his funny little bear crawl and scamper away. This morning I noticed that he was walking everywhere, even when he got a little wobbly. It made me sad.

Maybe it’s time to get one of those brothers or sisters Nathaniel’s always talking about.

Maybe not.

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