Monday, February 8, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

It happened again. Once again I blinked, or sneezed or SOMETHING and suddenly I don't have anymore babies around the apartment.

Aaron has decided that he is a big boy and that means doing big boy things. Things like walking (step-step-step-step-wobble-step-fall-giggle-repeat), talking (mama, dada, bubba), signing (please, more, please in a frantic way whenever someone has food in front of him), and sound effects.

He doesn't have a normal talking voice. Everything is sound effects. He uses a scary monster voice when he's talking to brother and everything else is "gun" sounds (buh-buh-buh-buh as he points whatever he has at you in a weapon form).

And he is all little boy for sure. Today he passed gas on my arm, looked at me and broke out in this funny little belly laugh. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world! He hates vegetables (oh, all of my hard work is for naught, he seriously only ate veggies and fruit as first foods) and will literally take them out of his mouth and throw them on the floor while giving us these "how dare you!?" looks.

And any chance he can get he gets his brother. He hugs him and tackles him and just loves on him as much as he can. It's true hero worship, that's what it is. One night we were getting ready to say prayers (which we say in Nathaniel's bed as a family) and I set Aaron down on Nathaniel's bed. He immediately crawled over to the pillow, laid his head down and said "Ni-ni!!" thinking he was going to get to sleep with his brother.

I can't believe that Aaron will be one on Saturday. He is such a joy and a blessing. He really adds such a great dynamic to the family.

Pictures and more stories are yet to come...

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Anonymous said...

Very cute recounting. I'm happy for the four of you.