Saturday, March 5, 2011

I think I drank the Kool-Aid.

We have started the cloth diapering adventure this week and I am absolutely LOVING it. First of all, I bought BumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers, which are called "All In Ones" because the cover and the liner come together in a package and the liner goes inside the cover. They are also one size fits most (7 pounds-35+ pounds) so they work for Aaron right now and will work for baby boy #3 come May. And, as an added bonus, the diapers have snaps instead of velcro, so they will last a lot longer.

These are the colors I purchased. I have three of each color. Aren't they great?
I took this picture to show the versatility. The green one is snapped to the smallest size, while the blue one is open so you can see the inside. The insert is hidden nicely away and really easy to get out by simply grabbing it out of the back (where the least amount of pee and poop is) and pulling it out).

I've really been loving how easy it's been to do this. The main thing holding Sam and I back for cloth diapering was not having our own laundry. But, I admit, I was leery of trying it because of the whole having to wash the diapers thing. I mean, poop that I can't just throw out? I gag at simply the thought. But, after a few poopy cloth diapers it really isn't so bad. I simply dump what I can, give it a quick swish in the water (holding the liner which doesn't get wet if I don't dunk it) and then throw the whole thing in the wet bag which hangs in the nursery on the closet door. When it's time to wash the diapers I simply grab the bag (which doesn't leak at all and holds the odor in), take it to the washing machine, flip it inside out (dumping the soiled diapers inside) and do my wash (one prewash, one hot wash, an extra rinse cycle).

I know I sound like a crazy woman, but really, I've been bitten by the cloth diaper bug. I have bought 20 of these things and I need Sam to change my password on the cottonbabies web site because I am in danger of spending WAY TOO MUCH money on these. It doesn't help that they have sales AND for every purchase over 100.00 you get a free pair of leggings (which are being saved for the baby).

The one down side is that Aaron loves the cloth diapers so much that underwear has been usurped. *sigh* I suppose we'll start again when the baby is born and I have a few weeks of being home to work with him.

But really, who can resist this cute little cloth diapered booty?

This is the wet/dry bag that the diapers go in. I could put the clean diapers in the front zipper part, but I have them in a little basket on top of the dresser, right next to the changing pad and the wipe warmer I purchased (with cloth wipes, yup, I'm addicted!)

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