Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life lately: The kid version.

Since Benjamin entered into the world we've been going non stop. Hence the lack of updates. I was up and around the day after giving birth and was going almost full steam until an infection knocked me back down on my butt 2 weeks after. Thank God for antibiotics! After four days of literally laying on the couch alternating between shivering and sweating I was able to walk around upright.

Benjamin is an awesome baby, just like his big brothers were. He nurses like a champ and, just like Aaron before him, has a hard time knowing when to stop, which often results in large barfs splashing on the floor behind me when I burp him. He sleeps pretty well and gets better every week. Currently he sleeps from about 9-midnight and then until 3-5 (from midnight until that time). We're working on a schedule, but it's going to be hard until school starts in the fall, especially with two older brothers who need to get out and experience life.

Nathaniel has grown up a lot the past few months. He turned five on the 14th and has embraced being a big kid fully. Since he's the oldest he has always kind of been a baby, wanting me to dress him and do things for him. But, now that he's five...he showers by himself (as opposed to taking baths), he makes his own breakfast for the most part, and he doesn't want to cuddle with me around his friends. The other day when I tried to give him a kiss good bye he gave me a look like, "Please don't!" and offered me a five instead. *sigh* I'll take it. He starts kindergarten in the fall, which I still can't wrap my mind around. Kindergarten! I picked up his uniforms today, which will make life so much easier in the fall. No clothing battles!! It will simply be, "Pick which color of Academy shirt you want to wear!"

Aaron is having a bit of trouble adjusting to all of the changes lately. He was doing great, but since Sam left for Australia he is pushing his boundaries. He regressed a little bit with the potty training, but he's still in underwear. I figure I would rather wash out some pants then put him back in diapers. Unfortunately his adjustment problems has him acting out in preschool too. He's biting again (ugh) and hitting and not listening. He's also not listening at home. I've tried nearly everything: Positive reinforcement (you are doing so great listening, Aaron!), negative reinforcement (time outs and spanks), more positive reinforcements (chocolate milk if he doesn't bite at school). He's just having a hard time with it all and having me working and daddy gone is really hard on him. He's a lot clingier and cries when I leave. Tomorrow Nathaniel has VBS and I'm planning on doing some good one on one time with Aaron after Benjamin's dr. appointment. He is still a VERY sweet boy who loves fiercely. He is constantly hugging and kissing his baby brother and never shows animosity towards Benjamin at all. He loves laughing and playing with Nathaniel, but has a harder time because Nathaniel is a bit bossy and doesn't like it when Aaron does things on his own. In fact, I think part of the hitting and biting at school is Aaron getting frustrated with other kids who aren't following the rules and he just gets so mad. It's a theory anyways.

That's about it here. I will update again tomorrow with Benjamin's newest stats, but I'm sure he's doing well. He's outgrown his three month clothes already! Oh, and Aaron is at nearly 35 pounds and about 37 inches tall. It's CRAZY!

I will say this before I end this long post. Having three kids is amazing. A lot of people were telling me how hard it would be. It's no harder than having two kids and no hubby. The hardest part is when the baby is crying and one of the other ones needs something. I find that Benjamin cries more than the other two did (meaning, I have to leave him to cry while I finish up with one of the older kids). It hasn't seemed to affect him too much though, he is still all smiles when he sees one of us. Thank God that this kid cries when he has a dirty diaper though! I think I would forget to change him otherwise!

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