Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life lately: The non-kid version.

I've decided to do two posts to catch up on my blog. The first one will be about life in general without the fun kid updates (like anyone cares, but I find my life interesting!). The second one will involve our wonderful kiddos.

Since Benjamin was born life has pretty much gone back to normal, non-pregnant life. I was back at work 3 weeks after coming home from the hospital, although it was super part time at first and until September I have Benjamin with me. It seems as if my mind is completely gone though. I'm missing deadlines and forgetting to email things. I go online to send an email and 20 minutes later find myself staring at the screen thinking, "What was I doing?" Ugh. I figure eventually I'll be getting more sleep and my mind will catch up. Until then, post-its are my friend.

I started training for a half marathon 5 weeks ago. It's going really well. I started off barely running a 12.5 minute mile and tonight when I went for my run I did a 9:40 mile. My previous 1/2 marathon was a 10:30 mile average. I don't know if I can do that by September, but it feels good to be running again, and it feels really good to be able to fun 4 miles in a row and be finished in about 43 minutes.

Sam has been in Australia for the past 2 weeks and will be gone for another 2.5 weeks. Because of the 17 hour time difference it's been super difficult to talk to him, but it's fun to tell the kids the things he's doing and seeing. I hope he gets a chance to do some site seeing and isn't stuck on the base the whole time.

Wow, not much is going on in the non-kid sector of our lives. :) I'm flying back to Iowa in September to visit family and introduce Benjamin to grandma and grandpa and his uncle Ian and Auntie Olivia. It's only 5 days, but it will be nice to have some quiet on the farm.

That's about it here. Church work is going great. Super great. I am reminded everyday how blessed I am to have this job. I adore my students, they make me laugh more than want to pull my hair out. They are passionate about what they are interested in and they are super sweet. It was super hard to let my 8th graders go, but luckily they only moved up and not out.

That's about it. Kind of a snore, but boring is much better than drama. :) Besides, the kid stories are more interesting in my opinion...

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