Monday, May 14, 2012

One Year...

Some days I feel like screaming.

I feel like telling all of the old ladies in the grocery store to shut their mouths and stop looking at my little family with that whimsical look in their eyes. I feel like gathering up my small brood of children and finding that magical stop watch so I can indeed stop time and stay right here.

I get it. Time flies.

These days go fast.

"Enjoy it while you can, because before you know it..." yada yada yada.

I am very aware that time is screaming by at warp speed and I am helpless to do anything but enjoy each and every moment I have with my little boys.

I feel like right here, right now, is the perfect time to freeze time (if we are indeed finished having children, the jury is still out on that one *don't tell Sam*).

The boys all adore each other (when they aren't purposely trying to annoy each other, even Ben has gotten in on the whole yell to out yell the other one game, oy). They wrestle together, they make each other laugh huge, giant, belly laughs.

Sam and I are in good health. We are active and enjoy going on adventures. We have the energy needed to chase after our gaggle.

Plus, our kids still love us, and aren't afraid to show it. When Nathaniel is scared or sad, he comes to me for comfort and isn't embarrassed to yell out hello and run out of line to come and hug and kiss me at school. Aaron does cute things like say over and over again, "Oh! A hug!! Oh!! A kiss!!" when saying good-bye to me. And Benjamin, my sweet, sweet Monkey is at that cute almost toddling age, where everything is agreeable and as long as the naps are regular and the brothers are entertaining, he is good to go.

I wish I could pause time. I really do, but I know that we have more memories to make and the boys have their own adventures to go on.

For now though, I sit back in the quiet stillness of our house after a long day (which, apparently it was opposite day and Aaron forgot to send me that memo...) and I remember and count my blessings.

Benjamin turned one on Saturday and it blew my mind because honestly, it seems like it was just last month that I was still giant pregnant, praying for an easy delivery. And I have a 30 1/2 inch long, 24 pound 4 ounce toddling toddler.

Oh my heart....

As for the little old ladies. I will let them smile at my family and tell me to enjoy my time, because I know that I will probably be one of those old ladies (singing and dancing with my cart no doubt, thanks Mom). Hopefully though, I will be like the lady who told me once, "I know that it's hard right now, but try to enjoy it, it won't last forever."

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