Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let the hunting begin!

I forgot how much I loathe moving. Even though the sick, type A side of me loves getting reorganized and going through our crap, there is something about looking at apartments and packing up everything that makes me want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. Yet, when I remove the covers there is usually a 2 year old staring at me demanding my attention. So, we drive on with life.

We looked at two places today. Unfortunately, the second place (which is roomier than the first place) is simply not going to work out for us. There is the whole "too expensive" reason, but then there is the whole "managers don't seem to know what is going on" reason and the random dead fish smell permeating throughout the property. I really loved the size though, and the air conditioning unit was in a perfect spot, but everything else just didn't sit well with me in the end. Plus, they wanted to charge 50 dollars a month extra for the cats on top of a deposit for them. Sam and I have agreed that unless they are going to come in and scoop my cat litter out and feed the cats, there is no point in paying extra. What would they use the money for anyways?

So, tomorrow we are going to look at two more places and then make our decision based off the ones we deem live-able. The first place we saw today was just a little small. The stairway itself was really narrow, and the second bedroom didn't look like it would fit a bed and a crib. Plus, the half bathroom downstairs was itty-bitty and right off of the dining room. Kind of gross!

School started, but it's nothing to really post about yet. I have to go do homework. Blech!


mom2natnkatncj said...

Oh, we have been doing the apartment search. It's so hard to find the right place. We have lived her for 5 years. The price is right, but the landlord is driving us nuts. The more kids he has the less interested he is in taking care of things other than his ummm "farm". Sadly though it doesn't look like it will happen for us as we have no security deposit. Now if he would just tell us already that he wants us out (since he hasn't renewed our lease yet) we might actually be able to get some assistance. But until then I think we're stuck. The thought of actually packing and moving though is so not an appealing one.

Carol said...

I hate moving too.

But I hope you find the perfect place for you and your family to make it all worth it.

Lee Jones said...

"Random dead fish" -- ew!