Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sea World photos and updates.

Well, I still haven't gotten my camp pictures back since someone still has my camera card. I'm hoping to get it back by this weekend. I just need to bug the person more :).

I can post our vacation pictures though and I have some great ones to share. One of my ultimate favorites is Nathaniel with a giant forkful of spaghetti being shoveled into his mouth. It is pretty cute.

Life has been okay since Sam left yesterday morning. Nathaniel has been pretty easy going. I actually had work and a doctor's appt. yesterday and today was beach day so we've been pretty busy. Tomorrow I am going to work for a few hours, but I have to take the kiddo with me. It's a bit easier and he will usually play pretty well while I get some stuff done. I just need to work on my teaching for Sunday and start proofing a Bible Study that we are handing out to the kids for the 40 Days of Community our church is starting next month.

I realized I haven't posted much about the pregnancy. I have started feeling the little one kick around a bit. Today I felt definite movement, which was exciting. I have had some more morning sickness and I think it's the cereal I've been eating. I am going to try one more morning of Kix to see if that's it, and if it is, Sam and Nathaniel will be finishing off that cereal. It's too bad that it was on sale for 2.50 a box... I am officially 16 weeks and have made the big ultra sound appointment for the end of September. Sam will get to be there (and so will Nathaniel) which will be exciting. It will be nice to share this moment with someone this time around. The technician and doctor didn't seem to be as excited as I was last time.

That's about it. Here is the slide show of our family vacation!


Carol said...

How exciting to feel the little one moving around. I love that part of pregnancy.

Happy POW!

Kate said...

Guess who's coming to California?

Call me!!

mom2natnkatncj said...

looks like fun!

Wacky Weavers said...

Okay, nathan looks so old. I actually got homesick looking at photos of him! What a big boy. Zeke sure misses Nathan.