Thursday, September 24, 2009

Follow up to the last post.

I just wanted to clarify some things from the last post. Just in case I came off preachy or judgemental.

1. I don't think that the moms who watch their kids play are clinging to their children and not allowing them to grow up. I think it's great that they can do that. I just choose not to because I wasn't sure how Nathaniel would have reacted to that and I want his teacher to have full control over him while he's there.

2. I think that it would be perfectly fine for me to stand and watch Nathaniel play during his recess time, but now I am utilizing my free time in the morning to do productive things (like prep teachings and work on finding a job) while Aaron naps. I want to use up every single minute I can!

I hope no one thought I was looking down on the mom's who were watching their kids. I was just talking about my own personal parenting style.

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