Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The joys of traveling.

We're back in California. I am so proud of my little troopers for having good attitudes as I dragged their tiny butts approximately 6,000 miles in 6.5 weeks (that includes round trip flying and all of the driving we did once we were in the mid-west).

I have lots of different stories to share, but the one I'm going to share tonight is by far my favorite and was actually the highlight of my day yesterday.

We flew out of Des Moines through Dallas and into Santa Ana yesterday. Because I brain farted and left my cell phone in my rental car we were delayed in getting out in time to get to the airport. (I had to go back to the rental place and wait until they were open so the guy could get unlock the car for me).

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 11:35. We got to Des Moines International Airport at 10:25.

It took me forever to figure out check in because usually I have to check in with the counter people since I am carrying a baby on my lap, but this lady was adament that I check in with the handy kiosk (which didn't want to recognize me as a paying customer).

I finally got everything all checked in, including the car seats and my 58 pound suitcase (yup, paid extra for THAT one) and started the run to security with my laptop, my backpack, Nathaniel's backpack, a bucket of toys, my umbrella stroller, a feverish three year old and a 23 pound baby on my hip. I was sure we were going to be late.

Luckily, Des Moines is a small airport and the security line was only three people long. As we approached the front of the line I reminded Nathaniel to take off his shoes as I feverishly got my laptop out of the bag and into a bin, put the toys and stroller and my bag into the bin and made sure I had my boarding passes (which, btw, apparently you don't need through the screening anymore).

I had a baggy with Aaron's antibiotics (for the double ear infection he happened to get last week), some baby food and some Motrin for Nathaniel. I took that out and threw it in a bin and managed to shove it all onto the conveyor belt while three different security people are telling me to get my stuff into the machine and to make sure my liquids are out.

In the shuffle I forgot to take my shoes off and no one noticed at all. I guess the 4 ounce bottle of Children's Motrin threw them for a loop.

As I got myself and my children through the screening the main security guy held up my backpack/diaper bag and asked me if it was mine. When I told him it was he said, "Well, there was something suspicious in there so we have to empty everything out and send it through again."

At this point it was 11:05 and my plane was supposed to start boarding any minute. I was definitely sweating!

So, while Nathaniel put his shoes back on and Aaron chilled out in the stroller I had to open up the sealed Motrin bottle so the security guard could check it for explosives (I assume) and I watched them open up the antibiotics and look at the pink liquid carefully.

All the while the main security guy is sending my stuff through individually and muttering how he can't find the thing that set off their suspicion.

Then he pulls out my tube of Lansinoh soothing ointment. It's supposed to be used to soothe the discomfort of nursing babies, but I use it as lip balm. (It's awesome, but that's another post for another time...).

I could see the look of puzzlement cross the man's face as to what it was and why it was in my bag. Then he turned red as he read the label. He looked at me and then shoved the tube into one of my baggies of liquid and said something about it not being 3.5 ounces as he trailed off.

I felt like explaining what I used it for, but I quickly realized that I had zero time to chat as I snatched my stuff from security, repacked my bags and dashed for my gate.

Our flight was delayed by an hour. But, we made it through security and I still have my "lip balm".

More fun traveling stories to come!


Dan said...

Wow - what an adventure indeed! Be sure to give yourself and the boys plenty of time to rest these next few days. :)

McMommy said...

HAHAHA!!!!!!! LONG LIVE NIP CREAM!!!!! Puzzling security guards everywhere...but making moms' lips GLISTEN & SHINE like no other lip gloss ever! :)