Sunday, October 11, 2009

A letter to my second born.

My dearest Aaron,
You are my second child. A second son and such a delight. You have always done everything bigger than your brother (I can't in good conscience say that you have done things better, but you are definitely one who has "gone large" in everything you do).

At birth you were nearly one pound heavier, one inch longer and one cm bigger around.

You were crawling a good month and a half before your brother was and cut your first tooth at five months old and now have 8 teeth! Your favorite position is standing and you think it's a hoot to get into things I don't want you to. When I tell you "no" you look at me, give me that award-winning Aaron grin and then continue to go towards the forbidden object.

I have to apologize though. As I sat with Nathaniel tonight and looked through his photo album I realized that I still hadn't done much with your photo album. So, after you guys were in bed I got out the pictures and started assembling your photo album.

Please forgive me, Aaron. I can't seem to find that many pictures of you. Where there were pictures of Nathaniel just sitting there doing nothing, I can barely find any of just you. We have the first bath photos, but where are the subsequent pictures? I don't even really have pictures of your first week of life!

I can only hope that I can rectify this. I really hope that I can make up for this.

Probably not.

I guess I can always just make up for it by talking about how you crawled before Nathaniel did.


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marcie.sauer said...

As a second child yourself, you've probably noticed similar patterns between your pictures and James'. Try being the third child:)