Saturday, October 3, 2009

A good old fashioned update.

As soon as I can replace my camera batteries, I plan on uploading some pictures and videos of the kiddos. Until then, you will just have to take me at my word that the kids are doing well.

Aaron is growing and developing new skills every day. He has been pulling himself up to the standing position for quite awhile now, and his new favorite thing to do is move between two pieces of furniture. He's not quite cruising, but he does alternate pretty well. He also managed to climb up an entire flight of stairs (with me close behind spotting him) on his first try. Crazy! Not to mention he's clapping now (great fun) and has started signing a bit. He has "more" and "please" down, which is good because it's the two I've been working on with him the most. I have to say that I've been enjoying my early mornings with just him while Nathaniel sleeps and our time together while Nathaniel is at preschool. It's weird going grocery shopping with just one child in tow!

Nathaniel is working on reading. I know that sounds crazy, but he has been watching the Leap Frog "Letter Factory" video quite a bit and has mastered the basic letter sounds. So, we've been looking at small words together and he's getting the idea of sounding out words. It's exciting for him because he feels really good about himself when he sounds out a word correctly. He read, "Beep" and "Toot" the other day and I think he read "book", but I wasn't sure if he actually read it or just saw the picture above the word. He really likes preschool and is thriving in the environment. We've been walking to school and it only takes about 15 minutes for us. Nathaniel walks too, so it's a good way for him to get out a bit of energy before sitting in the classroom.

I've been doing the job search thing. It's interesting looking for a job in youth ministry. For one, the economy sucks right now so most churches are looking for free help rather than being willing to pay for someone to lead their junior high. So, I actually haven't even been able to apply for that many positions. I'm kind of limited because I'm not willing to relocate since Sam has to finish school still. But, I have a very promising lead right now. I'm not going to elaborate until things are certain one way or another though. Hopefully, I'll know soon.

Sam is getting ready to come home. We aren't sure on dates yet, but we know it won't be this month. We are very excited to bring him home for good! We're trying to figure out a family vacation over Christmas time, but it's all up in the air pending my job situation. Sam wants to do San Francisco, I'm leaning towards Florida. We'll see who wins!

That's about it here. Just keeping super busy until we can start a new "normal" of life.

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