Saturday, January 16, 2010

I give the impression that I'm calm.

We're on vacation and it has been AWESOME! Seriously, we are loving seeing the sights and the kids have been really great travelers. Of all of the things that could have happened to us, the worst that has happened was having the subway ticket machine eat my 5 dollar bill (without giving me anything in return) and having the Domino's in South Boston cancel our order without calling us to tell us (that actually just happened and we're still mad about it, the woman on the phone hung up on us too when I was asking her how she was going to fix her mistake. She said that she couldn't and that she wasn't going to and then hung up. Grrrrr.....).

But, there have been a few close calls with the boys and I have been super glad that I am fairly recently trained in First Aid and CPR.

Episode One: We were getting ready to leave New York and Nathaniel was eating an orange before I would let him have any cheesecake. I was helping Bethany pack up some stuff while Sam was loading the car with Craig. Nathaniel came into the bedroom and all of a sudden started choking on a piece of orange. He coughed at first but then stopped coughing.


I calmly grabbed him and gave him the Heimlich maneuver. He then threw up on Sue Anne's floor, cried for a minute and then wanted his cheesecake. Good kid.

This afternoon we were walking back from the T back to our hotel and Nathaniel tried to let go of my hand in the middle of the street in order to run to the sidewalk. I grabbed his hand quick and as soon as I did a car turned in front of us, right where Nathaniel was about to run.

Yikes again!!

Tonight we were hanging out at the pool and Bethany and Craig came in. I told Nathaniel to sit on the step while I walked the five feet to the door (Sam was in the hot tub with Aaron) to give Bethany our room key so she could change. I turned my back for a second and then heard a splash. I turned around and saw Nathaniel splashing around over his head in the water. I quickly got to him and grabbed him out. He was fine, but of course he cried because he was scared (and he learned a good lesson as to why he needs to listen to his parents when they tell him not to do something).

Over all my friends have said I look really calm when I'm dealing with these things. And I have been, I calmly think about the things I'm "supposed to" do. But, when the whole thing is over I freak out with the "what ifs". Let's just say I'm glad that I have a good head on my shoulders and that Nathaniel has some pretty vigilant guardian angels. :)

Can't wait to update this with vacation pictures!

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