Monday, January 11, 2010

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Oh man, I opened up a can of worms.

I sometimes blog as part of a mom community on another website. Usually it's just funny little anecdotes that are posted on here as well, but last night I posted a blog about breast feeding and weaning and the transition. Mainly because we are coming to the end of this stage of Aaron's life and it's my personal feeling that while it is healthy to nurse a child to up to 2 years of age (based on studies, etc.) it just isn't right for me and my family. Plus, with work and stuff it just isn't feasible for me to do so (too many overnight camps and such).

I also mentioned that if I were to keep on nursing I would be doing so to fulfill my selfish needs to keep my baby a baby and relying on me, when he can get those needs from solid foods. If I really felt like my kid needed that nourishment, then yes, I would continue nursing, but I'm not convinced wholly (please, no fact throwing at me, I've read it) that it is super beneficial.

Boy, did the comments fly. I thought that people would be supportive of the fact that I chose to breast feed for a year. That's HUGE in this society. Especially when formula is so readily accessible. Nope, instead I had women getting up on their nursing soap boxes telling me how selfish I was being by denying my kid.

One mom even said that we should be nursing our kids up to the age of 7.

Yes. Seven years old.


I say, if you want to nurse your kid until he's in first grade, go for it. Just be sure that you are there to take him to the prom too.

Oh, and when I mentioned to the comments that nursing to that age was ridiculous because that's why kids have molars, to CHEW their food, this lady jumped on me and told me that several of her friends let their kids nurse until they were six, and she saw nothing wrong with it.

Oh dear...that's a bit TOO granola for me thank you very much.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we've been really busy with work and such. I will have more to post next week after we get back from Boston.

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