Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boston: It’s more than just for Tea Parties

I seriously thought about posting three different posts chronicling three full days in Boston, but then I realized that no one could be THAT interested in every little detail of our lives so I thought I would try to condense it all.

First of all, we never got the kids adjusted to East Coast time.  We were going to, but by the time we got back from New York City we figured there were only a few days left and by the time they fully adjusted it would be time to go home.  That made for many late nights but also meant that we got to sleep in most mornings.  Oh, how sweet sleeping until 9:30 is…

What’s really great about Boston is that it isn’t a super-large city.  That meant that we could walk to the T (the train station) from our hotel and see pretty much whatever it was we wanted to see.  We also had the city’s best tour guides with us, so we were set.

On the first day we managed to walk most of the Freedom Trail.  Starting in the Boston Commons, walking past the old Granary Cemetery (where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and a number of other revolutionaries were buried), past the place where they read the Declaration of Independence to the people (and also right where the Boston Massacre took place) all the way to Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church (where they put the lanterns to signal that the British were coming).  We did all of that in one afternoon, walking the whole way.  Bethany and Craig had “Sucker” written on their foreheads because whenever Nathaniel tired of walking he would simply walk up to one of them and say, “I want you to carry me!” and they would pick him right up.  That day was Sam’s birthday so it was a “do whatever it is that Sam wants to do” day.  It included having a snack in the country’s oldest pub (est. 1795), enjoying a lobster dinner and finishing the night off with a chocolate feast.


After three very full days of doing the “tourist” thing, we decided that our last couple of days would be spent more low key.  So on Saturday we toured the Sam Adams Brewery (VERY interesting and fun) and met up with an old friend of mine (someone whom I’ve known since I was three) and then spent the rest of the evening at the hotel.  On Sunday we went to get some yummy hot chocolate and then went to the Science Museum (which our Santa Ana Zoo passes got us into free of charge, score!) and then out to dinner in the North End of Boston at a really great little Italian restaurant, where the waiter poured my drink refill on my lap and then gave Bethany and Sam extra refills as his way of apologizing.  We ended our trip with Cannolis from Mike’s Pastries.  Yum yum!

All in all, it was a great trip.  We love the East Coast and adore our friends.  If any of my friends are wondering if they should travel with their children I would say yes!  It’s so fun to make those memories as a family, and never once did we go someplace where all of us weren’t having fun.  It’s all in the perspective.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that our children are nerds just like their parents.  :)

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