Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sure, they play together, but they also fight more now too.

I just got back from doing our weekly grocery shopping (because apparently, having a family of four necessitates weekly shopping now instead of our usual every other week shopping). Since I'm such a nice wife (ha) I took both boys with me so that Sam could have a chunk of time to crank out some homework and study for his midterms.

He owes me. BIG time.

First stop was Trader Joe's. Usually our trips to TJ's are pretty pleasant. The boys get a snack from the sample place, Mommy gets a little coffee and we slowly browse the aisles, grabbing things we need/things that look yummy and the old ladies drool over my adorable kids.

Not today. Today people were steering clear from my clan like we had the plague. I was getting "those" looks (all moms just nodded their heads in agreement of the look I'm talking about), along with the "I'm not sure where to look" looks. Aaron was in rare form, grabbing his brother's hair any time Nathaniel came within grabbing range of the cart, and Nathaniel was super whiny because he didn't eat his breakfast and was hungry. He actually threw a fit because I put Pumpkin Pancake Mix into the cart.


Because I was feeling extra masochistic, we went to Ralph's too. I loaded the boys into the double cart (the one shaped like a race car!) and got approximately five minutes of peaceful shopping before the children started hitting each other, pushing each other and (yes, I swear this happened) slamming each other's heads onto the steering wheels of the cart.

I hightailed it out of there as soon as I could.

Of course, as we were leaving the store Aaron so sweetly turned and waved to the store clerks.

Cue unison "Awwwww" sound.

Never again (until next week).

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