Sunday, March 28, 2010

They amaze me...

I love my family. I have been so blessed with an amazing husband and two amazing children. Sometimes I sit back and just want to pinch myself because of how incredibly awesome they are (and how awesome my life is, I can't believe that this is what I get to live with every day!).

Do we have our moments? YES! This morning was one of those moments where one child was whining non-stop and we were all just taking deep breaths so that we would all survive the morning. But, those moments aside, I love my family.

I love how servant minded my children are. Okay, so Aaron is still just over one and in his little mind the world revolves around him, but Nathaniel's heart amazes me.

We've been doing some local ministry with our small group on Sunday afternoons. It is hard work. Not the actual work part, but the 'getting out of our comfort zones and loving people and serving a community that's hard to love' part. There are some Sundays where I would rather just hang out with my friends in comfort and talk about the Bible than get out and serve people. But Nathaniel, he happily knocks on doors and hands out goodies to people and engages people in conversation, opening up opportunities for us to have real conversations with people. He yells in his car as we pull up to where we go, "Wait! I want to go there!" because he loves doing this. He doesn't see any difference between "us" and "them" and has the same smile for all.

I think that's what it means to have faith like a child. I think that's why Jesus loved the children and told us to accept them and come to him like a child. Because it's easy for children to love openly.

Tonight, as we were sitting in the living room watching the boys run off their sugar high, I couldn't help but smile. These two little bundles of joy were giggling happily as they ran in circles and fell down. I could tell that they loved each other very much, and that made my heart happy. At one point I caught Aaron's eye and he gave the biggest grin ever, just letting me know that he was content to run around with his big brother.

I can say that Sam and I are content as well.


Lee Jones said...

You are blessed!

Bina said...

You definately have some sweet ones there :)