Tuesday, November 23, 2010

15 Weeks 3 days

I went in for another check up today. I was a little disappointed because my doctor told me last month that she would do a peek to see if we could tell what the little munchkin is gender-wise. Alas, I was ushered into the exam room without the ultra sound machine today. Boo. So, I was weighed, blood pressured, and dopplered.

Hooray for me, no weight gain (I'm not trying not to gain, this was just a good month, apparently). My blood pressure is fine and the heart rate is 148. :) All is well.

Except for the rash covering my neck and upper chest and arms. That's itchy, but nothing to worry about. Apparently, it's a "pregnancy thing". Ugh!

In other news...

Nathaniel has entered a new "phase" or whatever you want to call it. The past three days he has thrown major tantrums in the morning and at night. So, today in the van we had a nice conversation about consequences for our behavior. He was mad because his t.v. rights have been taken away today because he chose (and these are the words I used, "you chose") to sit on the couch and whine about wanting Cheerios instead of getting dressed. Mind you, he had eaten breakfast already, the Cheerios were for when he finished getting dressed. Instead, he threw major fits and laid on the couch under a blanket while I finished getting ready for work, got Aaron fed, cleaned up, teeth brushed and dressed. I then calmly got Nathaniel's clothes, dressed him like he was helpless (at least he wasn't fighting me), walked him to the bathroom, had him brush his teeth while I combed his hair, and then let Aaron be the line leader out to the van (which pissed Nathaniel off to no ends).

I asked him what he would do differently if he could do the morning over and he said (with full 4 year old attitude), "Nothing!!" So, I told him that I wasn't sorry about not allowing him t.v. for the rest of the day. Later he was a bit more repentant and we talked about choices and how they affect what happens.

It's a learning process.

On the other hand, Aaron is enjoying being the sweet one. At least they haven't both thrown a fit together for awhile. One day last week they both were in their rooms having meltdowns.

I think I found more grey hair...

At least we're on "vacation" starting tomorrow. If only Sam were home from work tomorrow...


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