Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's been quite the year here in the Grummons' household. It's been a year of changes and adjustments and of incredible blessings. We are SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL!

And, just in case anyone was wondering. We are thankful everyday, even when things seem bleak and we aren't sure what's going to happen, we pray prayers of thankfulness to our God because, in comparison to much of the rest of the world, we're living pretty well. It's like I said to Sam once, "You know, we pray for God to take care of us and watch over our family. He promises never to forsake us, and it's true. Even if we are homeless on the street with nothing to eat, God is still watching over us and taking care of us. Heaven is our home, not earth and I think we need to keep that perspective." Because, truly, at the end of it all, when we're finished with our incredibly short time here on earth, what matters is heaven and worshiping Jesus forever. Sometimes I get so caught up in what's going on RIGHT NOW I forget the big picture.

So, here is a quick overview of what we are thankful for this year. And then, after this, I will post another post of pictures, because I have been a super slacker posting pictures of the boys and our shenanigans. :) (Which also means I have to go round up the camera because I haven't downloaded my amazing Arizona vacation yet!).

Our thankful list.

  • Sam is home! Not only is he home, but he's been home for a year now!
  • Carrie's new job. It's been an amazing year of ministry. Lot's of growth for myself and for some pretty awesome students. It's been hard, but it's also been a time of learning and changing.
  • Sam finished with his Master's degree! Much rejoicing was had (and lots of celebration!)
  • After a rough summer of searching, Sam landed a full time position with the military, which has given us so many extra blessings. Including, full coverage insurance, a housing allowance, and (for the first time ever in our marriage) regular work hours so our family can be a family together most evenings (except when I'm gone for meetings and ministry).
  • Sam is also using his degree by teaching an online class for Ashford University. It's nice to see him thrive in the academic environment and nice to see how God has blessed him with this opportunity!
  • Sam also got to present a paper at a philosophy conference a few weeks ago, and with that he got to meet up with some friends whom he hasn't seen in a long time.
  • We got to move into a house with a yard and a garage. Amazingly it was the house that I've imagined in my head as the "perfect house" for us. Everything! It's a reminder that God is listening to the desires of our hearts, even when we don't necessarily pray for it because we don't want to be selfish. :)
  • The kids are a blessing in themselves. I'm so thankful for my energetic little boys who love each other so fiercely and protect one another. I'm thankful that they have their health and are generally obedient, loving little children. And, they just crack me up, which is a blessing in itself.
  • Along with my new job there are some extra perks. Childcare is provided for Nathaniel for me right on site with the preschool (and Aaron will be joining him in May) and in the fall, Nathaniel will get to attend the academy as well for kindergarten. It is so nice to not worry about the boys while I work. It's also nice to not worry about my kids' education considering the state of California's schools and the district we live in.
  • Baby number 3. We're so thankful for the joy of another little one entering our family next year.
That's a general list. There are so many more things to be thankful for. Mostly we are thankful for our friends and family who love us so well. Thanks to all.

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