Saturday, November 27, 2010

More pictures and slight update with them.

These are pictures from my trip to Arizona with my best friend, Bethany. It was a trip we took to celebrate turning 30 (and living to tell about it!). We wanted to do something fun and do something physically challenging. We had been working on getting into shape, and it worked out where I was pregnant which slowed me down a bit, and Bethany had been working her butt off (quite literally) so we were pretty even. It was fun! Most of the good pictures were on Bethany's camera, which I downloaded onto my computer but even though the slide show randomly pops up on my sidebar, I can't actually find them to upload onto blogger. :/.

Finally, Aaron got his first haircut a couple of weeks ago. It was fun for him, and now he really looks like a big boy. Next step is mastering the potty. He just needs to become a little more aware of his bodily functions. Much of the time he does really well keeping his diaper dry and telling us when he needs to go, but other times he's more focused on eating or playing. We'll work more on it after Christmas is over since we are travelling this year and it's pointless to try so hard when it will be so hard on the airplane and such.

So, hooray the blog is actually caught up! Hooray!

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