Monday, February 11, 2008

Big fat woo hoo!!

Sam came home rather late-ish last night from his weekend drill because they had to finish up some NCOERs (non commissioned officer evaluation reports). He came home with some crazy news though. On the surface, it sounded bad because they have totally screwed up the training schedule for the rest of this fiscal year and the beginning of the next one. But, when you look at the entire picture it's actually great news!
First of all, Sam doesn't have drill for July or August, which kind of stinks because we really rely on those paychecks to make ends meet (gulp! Gotta start saving up now!) but it means that they moved his two weeks of annual training to September. That's really not going to work out because we have our final (yes, FINAL!!!) semester of school that will be going on then. It doesn't sound so bad at first because he could easily miss two weeks of school for Army commitments (profs are pretty easy going with stuff like that). But, then there is another two weeks of annual training in December (because the fiscal year starts in October). There is no way Sam can miss out on four weeks of school, and I already told him that he is in no way missing another one of my graduations (Army training made him miss my graduation from undergrad).
I know all of that sounds like terribly inconvenient items, so where is the big woo hoo? Well...The reason Sam's unit is doing so much training this year is because right after the new year they are heading to Kosovo for a deployment. Again, why am I rejoicing? Because...Sam isn't on the list!!!! He is NOT slated to go on this deployment!!!
And the crowd goes wild!!!!
Of course, it is still early to rejoice, because with the Army you have to be prepared for anything, but I am still doing my little happy dance. It makes it a bit easier to begin planning the future more.
So, Sam just has to figure out how he can make up the training dates without missing a ton of school. At least he doesn't have to postpone doctoral work! Yay!
And that is why we rejoice this Monday morning.


Kate said...

W00T for that!!!! :)

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Lee Jones said...

Ditto! (Yes, it's a bit late, but I think it is good news!)