Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread houses and stupid questions.

On Friday Nathaniel and I went to Sam's Sunday School's gingerbread house decorating contest. (I say Sam's because I have yet to actually attend since I teach second service all of the time, but the people are great!). It was a lot of fun. Of course, Nathaniel did not help me at all. He ate a cookie, ate a candy cane, grabbed a handful of pretzels and then ran to play light sabers with his friends, leaving me to decorate the entire house by myself. It was nice to hang out with friends though, and to watch Nathaniel running around with a bunch of other kids. He is such a cute kid.

I posted a few pictures from the night:

A picture of the three of us (Mommy, Nathaniel and baby boy number 2)

Posing with our house. Notice the pretzels on the roof. It took forever!

Nathaniel making a funny face. Gosh, I love this kid!
On another note...I was super excited to see the top photo because I don't look like I'm stowing a house under my shirt. Seriously, nearly every day for the past two weeks someone different has asked me if I'm having twins. I know I have big babies, but why do people feel like they must ask me if I'm having twins? I'm not big all over, just in my tummy. In fact, since I'm doing laundry tonight, I threw all of my maternity clothes in the wash (I have three pairs of pants) so I'm currently wearing non maternity pants (sure, they are my fat pants buttoned under the belly, but the point is they are up and buttoned!) and a non-maternity sweatshirt. Just proving my point. It really is all baby!
So, if you see me waddling down the street, please don't ask if they've found the second heartbeat yet. I may throw a pencil at your head. :)

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Heather said...

i agree that you look great. IN fact before i even read the blog about people saying dumb things, i thought to myself, "Carrie looks GREAT!" Miss you!