Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who are you talking to?

Nathaniel has quite the imagination.

Either that, or the signs of schizophrenia have set in extremely early.

This morning I took some time to clean and bake some pies (for a party that didn't happen) while Nathaniel played with his toys. It figures that for the past two years I've been trying to get him to play happily by himself and he finally gets the hang of it after I'm done with school.

Anyways, all morning he was pretty happy playing with his firetruck (putting out fake fires), his tractor and his airplane. As we were eating lunch he was sitting there just chit-chatting away to himself. I was trying to follow what he was saying, but then I realized he wasn't talking to me.

Here is a sample of the conversation he was having:

Nathaniel: "Hi! How are you!?"

(Switching chairs and changing voices): "I good, how are you?"

(Switching chairs and voices again): "Good, okay, bye!"

So I asked him, "Nathaniel, sweetie, who are you talking to?" He looked at me like I was the dumbest mom in the world and said, "Cody."

Nathaniel doesn't know anyone named Cody. He doesn't watch any movies or t.v. with characters named Cody. Craziness! I asked him where Cody was and he pointed to the chair next to me (which was empty) and said, "Right there!" Okay...

Today at supper I asked Nathaniel how old Cody was and he immediately answered, "4".

They say that kids with imaginary friends are smart, right? Either that or I'm raising a pathological liar. Time will tell.

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