Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a week!

There is something about midterms that make me a little crazy. Add on the fact that I need to get all of my homework done by tomorrow morning (and I have a TON of it) and there is a ton of other work to be done and we have one extremely tired (and stressed out) mommy.

I took my midterm for Acts and honestly, it really wasn't that fair of an exam. I studied enough for it, and I had a handle on the study guide, but the professor got a little tricky. Instead of giving exact dates in his multiple choice answers, he gave events that happened around the dates I needed. Not to mention throwing in tricky little questions like, "Who were two well known zealots in Judaism?" when I thought I was just supposed to know what zealous meant in the time of Acts. The exam wasn't bad, though. I honestly just want to pass and I really am learning a lot and really enjoying the class so... that helps a ton. I do have to say that the group of students from class who gathered around where I was sitting trying to do homework who were discussing every single question on the exam ad nauseum was NOT appreciated. I'm of the camp where once I've taken an exam it does me no good to talk about the questions. I tend to stress out when I think about every single answer that I got wrong.

So, between today and tomorrow I have to work, write a theological "something-or-other" for my church plant group in Acts, read a book and write a book report and organize a theological discussion about Matthew 11:28 and also look at fasting and write up a class on how to do it and why it's important. Yipes! Oh, and I have to spend three hours prepping for another class (it's our mandatory prep time for class each week. We have to spend three hours reading commentaries and stuff about the passage we are studying).

Oh. And Sam leaves in less than two weeks.

But, as I look over everything I have to do I feel content. I don't feel too stressed out because I love everything I'm doing. I hate to admit this, but I'm kind of going to miss school after I graduate. Not enough to get my Ph.d. or go for my Th.M., but enough where I will probably find myself taking classes here and there until I'm old. Gosh, I'm such a dork. At least Sam is one too! (heaven help us if our children end up being jocks!).

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