Thursday, October 16, 2008

When life seems like a t.v. reality show...

The last month and a half our church has been doing the 40 Days of Community campaign from Saddleback Church. Because of that, I have been leading a small group of (gasp) adults in addition to the normal small group of junior high girls I lead. I admit, it wasn't something I jumped at, but more something I started out of obligation. However, I really have enjoyed leading my peers and having a group of people to get to know better.
About two weeks ago I was super overwhelmed with life and, being that I'm hormonal anyways, I simply asked for prayer for our family to prepare for Sam's immanent deployment and immediately burst into tears. For those of you who know me, bursting into tears is my pet peeve, so I hate it when it happens. The women in my small group came around me and encouraged me quite a bit and also said that Sam and I needed to get out and go on a date. Of course, we know that, it's just hard being super busy and wanting to spend time as a family. So, after many offers of babysitting we went home.
Imagine my shock last week when our small group told Sam and I that they had arranged for our family to stay a night at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel and go to Disneyland for a day (all without us paying a dime). It was one of those speechless moments. So, Sam and I have been looking forward to that all week (it will happen next weekend).
I thought that was above and beyond anything that could ever happen. I would have been totally happy if they had said that they would watch Nathaniel for an evening so we could go to dinner! Yet, the story doesn't end there.
Today while I was at work, one of the women in my small group called me to let me know that they have also arranged for us to have dinner as a family at Club 33 at Disneyland. For those who are not familiar with Disneyland, Club 33 is the exclusive, members only, club that costs an arm and a leg to even get into! This is the place that celebrities go and eat at (and watch Fantasmic) when they go to Disneyland.
I feel like I'm dreaming. So, next weekend expect a post with lots of pictures from our amazing mini-vacation!

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Mamasphere said...

How wonderful! You have a great group of women around you. I hope you enjoy every well deserved minute!!