Monday, February 9, 2009

Enjoying my family time.

Well, I'm still pregnant, so I took the pregnancy counter down. Especially since it started going up in days after my due date passed. Grrrr... (grrr about still being pregnant, not about the counter).

I am really enjoying having my best friend and mom here. We have had a lot of fun and they have been such a great big help. My floors are vacuumed, my dishes done, and Nathaniel has played Candy Land to his heart's content. We have cooked for each other and stayed up late every night playing Wii. It's good company, now if only this baby would come out!

Seriously, I just played three rounds of Wii boxing in hopes that it will put me in labor. I will let you all know how that goes.

As for pictures, I will post some soon. I just haven't taken the time to upload recent pics of me. I have to get some from Bethany's camera because she got some great ones of us at the park today and some hilarious ones of me boxing.

Gotta go, I think my mom is going to accidentally punch my t.v. Seriously!

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Heather said...

so, it looks like i may share my b day with your number 2 after all. sorry it's taking so long, but it will be fun for me to share my b day with him! keep boxing!