Friday, February 27, 2009

Update from Sam (via an email I got)

Here is an update I got from Sam with pictures. Just a glimpse of what he is doing. I think it sounds cool. Very jealous for him!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. When we were walking back to our vehicles abunch of Albanians wanted to take a picture with us (we know they weren'tSerbs, they respect us and appreciate our presence, but are still a littlesour we bombed them in 99). I didn't get a copy of me in the picture; thatwas on one of their cameras. It was weird; I am not a celebrity or thatimportant. It is just they love Americans and KFOR for what we did forthem. There are about as many American flags as there were Kosovo flags.On their independence day on 17FEB (which only 55 countries recognize),there was a bunch of rappers performing in front of a huge crowd. On theleft was an Albanian flag, on the right was an American flag. They evensewed Kosovo and American flags together. A few days ago, all the kids wesaw (I think even Serbian kids) were saying "hi" (in American) to us andwanting to shake our hands. It was WEIRD for me; it felt unnatural.

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Lee Jones said...

Glad to see him again! I am also glad he's welcome instead of not!