Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sometimes I wonder why I put God in a box.

God is amazing. I mean it! Seriously amazing. I kick myself because I often put limitations on Him where there shouldn't be. I mean, shouldn't the Creator of the Universe be able to do anything and yet here I sit believing that even God can't work around the U.S. Army. However, I am blessed to have some serious prayer warriors around me who believe without a shadow of a doubt that God can do anything, and so they pray for what I believe is the impossible.

I'm still pregnant, which really isn't that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things. If I were in a "normal" situation I would simply be uncomfortable and frustrated, yet because my mom and best friend are (were, since Bethany leaves today) only in town for a small window I was bummed because I'm still preggers and afraid that I wasn't going to give birth before my mom left so my doctor set me up for an induction tomorrow morning.

With a definite date of induction I was able to call the Red Cross to get things moving for Sam to get home. I remembered how long it took Sam to get back from Iraq last time (something like four days) and so I was sure that it would take that long this time as well. Yet, after a few phone calls to the Red Cross (because the Army is stupid and doesn't keep good records) Sam got the message within 30 minutes and as of this morning has a plane ticket to fly him into LAX tomorrow early afternoon.

That means that if I can convince the nurses to keep the pitocen drip slow (oh please oh please, I hate pitocen with all of my being) then we can hold off on delivery until Sam gets there!

Cross your fingers with me.

I am so happy I could weep (and those aren't just pregnancy hormones talking). I am excited for Nathaniel too who will get a big surprise tomorrow when he comes to the hospital to meet his new brother AND gets to see his daddy (I'm not telling him yet just in case something happens).

Next time I update I will have pics and a name for you for little baby boy Grummons #2.


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