Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working on an update.

We are alive and doing well. I am working on a long update outlining my labor and delivery and how things are going but since my mom is still here and I'm still working on balancing two kids and recovering from a c-section it's taking awhile. Once things calm own I will post it. Of course I need to post a picture of my boys.

Nathaniel loves his baby brother and calls his "Baby Aaron!" or "My Baby Aaron". He loves holding him and kissing him and wants him to do all of the other things he can do (like swing high and play Wii). Also, as an added bonus, my mom has been helping with potty training, and Nathaniel went four times today. Score!

Hope all is well with people. I promise a long update is coming!

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Lee Jones said...

Look how cute they are! That is sooo neat! :-D