Monday, February 2, 2009

I bought a van!

At long last I finally bought a mini-van. I feel like I should be inducted into some sort of "soccer mom" society or something. But, whatever, at least it's taken care of!

Today was another one of those days where it felt like it was me against the world. First of all, the people at the car dealership were totally trying to take advantage of me, thinking that pregnant woman waddling in to buy a van knew nothing. They tried to jack up the price and my APR for a loan. They picked the wrong woman to try and screw over. I had my friend on the phone and basically repeated everything he said out loud so the salesman and finance guy could hear me. I said things like:
"What! You found the same exact van for 18,500 right down the street?!"
"Yeah, I know they are trying to screw me over here."
"Oh no, I don't feel uncomfortable walking out of here without buying something, it's not like I'm that desperate for a car right this second."

At one point the finance guy wanted to talk to my friend. Hee hee. I got them to drop the price by nearly $1K, drop my percent on my loan (which will drop even lower once I turn in Sam's paperwork which states that deployed soldiers get a certain APR while deployed) and I got them to take my Buick for more than they offered me. I felt pretty good. I'm sure it also didn't hurt that I mentioned to my friend on the phone that it would look bad for a business in this economy to try and screw over the pregnant wife of a deployed soldier. I'm terrible, but I needed to be shrewd.

Here are some pics of my new van!

Nathaniel enjoying the new ride.
I just realized that Nathaniel is picking his nose in this picture. Hmmm...well, it's his normal position these days, so what can I do?
I also had to call the post office to have them redeliver a box of books for my Sunday small group study. I don't know if anyone here has tried to deal with calling the post office lately but it was maddening! It was one of those voice activated messages so I had to say and spell everything and it misheard nearly everything.
"Please spell your first name for me"
"I have your name as Barrie, B-A-R-R-I-E, is that correct?"
Trying to get my apartment right was also bad. The computer got it wrong twice and then had to transfer me to customer service because it couldn't figure it out. Ugh! I felt like a commercial I saw once where the guy was trying to get through to the computer and it kept getting his info wrong until he screamed into the phone and that was when it was right.
That's about it here. Still pregnant. I need to drink some water and relax, Nathaniel had a rough afternoon and threw about four tantrums. I haven't felt the baby move much so I should just relax and focus and make sure all is well (I know all is well, I just need to relax because I've been running around instead of feeling for the baby).


Heather said...

Congrats on the new car and go relax and feel for the baby!

Cheryl said...

Hey...give Nathanial a couple more years and he'll have his hand down his pants all the time. Aren't boys fun?

Dan said...

Nicely done! :)

Anonymous said...

Good looking van and it's silver which raises its resale value! What name does it have? So female! Way to take it to them though they never trade unless it's a good thing for them....

When you get a phone tag thing like that, punch 0 four or five times and you can often over ride the menace to our sanity.