Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making progress.

I made the commitment that once I was finished with school and everything that I would buckle down and get serious about potty training. Of course, that's easier said than done, especially when I have a willful two and a half year old who really isn't that interested in learning how to put his business in the toilet.

But, we have found our niche!

First of all, I actually went out and bought him "big boy" underwear, showed them to him, made a huge deal about how cool they were, and then promptly placed them in his drawer so he could take them out and look at them. It wasn't long before he was coming out of his bedroom holding his underwear asking to wear them. I kept telling him, "Oh, those are for when you start using the potty like a big boy! You can't wear those while you still use a diaper!" That went on for about a week.

Bring in the Spiderman pull-ups. I showed him the cool Spiderman pull ups and he wanted to wear them. big boys who are trying to go potty get to wear those! So, on we went with the Blue's Clue's diapers (I should devote a post to Luv's Diapers here, I used to swear by Pampers, but now I'm hooked on the cheaper brand).

Every night we started making going potty part of the bedtime ritual. Three nights ago he actually peed a real pee in the toilet, and has done that every night since. Today at lunch he did it again, and again during nap time (this time it was the rest of a poop he started in his diaper). So, we whipped out the pull-ups and so far he has gone pee again.

I know that we are just starting down this long road, but he's getting it! He even has his little ritual down, "Go potty, wipe with paper, flush toilet, put on diaper (or pull up), wash hands and treat." Now, if I can just stay consistent (sometimes it's just easier to let him go in his diaper rather than rush to find a bathroom...).

On a cute note, today before nap time (which he actually didn't nap during...) he wanted to read a specific book but I just couldn't figure out what he was saying. He kept saying, "Meea, Meea on ha all!"

What!? Oh!! "Mirror, mirror on the wall! Snow White!"

He's also been watching Little Einsteins in the morning while I shower and has taken to running around the apartment yelling, "mission commission!" (mission completion).

That's an update for us. It's been a rough weekend for me on the deployment front. I think it just finally hit me that Sam will miss the birth of the baby and will be gone for 10 1/2 months more. That's a long time and the little one will be not so little anymore at that point. I'm okay, I think it's okay for me to be sad at times as long as I'm not wallowing in my own self-pity.


Lee Jones said...

Aw... *hugs*.

marcie said...

As much of a pain as cloth diapers might end up being, I'm hoping that Daphne fits the statistic of training earlier, so that I can avoid those problems.