Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This isn't so bad.

I have to admit. The thought of spending the last four and a half years preparing for full time ministry only to end up being a full time mom bummed me out big time. But, I am really enjoying my days as a mommy and I still get to do ministry as well (I'm preparing to teach a couple of times this month and will do a Friday chapel in the future).

Nathaniel is really at a fun age. He is so full of imagination. Cody (the imaginary friend) is kind of an outlet for him. I think that Cody does the things that Nathaniel wants to do but can't. For example, when I was picking my mom up from the airport I heard Nathaniel yelling from the backseat, "Mom! Cody unbuckled seat belt!" So I told him that Cody needed to keep his seat belt on. In a very angry voice Nathaniel yelled, "Cody! Buckle your seat belt right now!" Crack me up!

Today, after we did errands and while lunch was cooking, I taught Nathaniel how to play Candy Land. I'm impressed with his skills. Even though he is just shy of 2 1/2, he gets the whole taking turns concept and knows his colors so he can move his piece to the spot it's supposed to go. A plus is that he doesn't get the concept of winning or losing so it doesn't matter who wins he is just having fun. Of course, he is now hooked on the game so I think I played four or five games this afternoon.

On a pregnant note: I had another ultra sound today (I think I've had 6 so far) and the baby is head down ready to go. That makes me happy because at the last appointment he was breach and now it looks like we're good to go. So, the next few weeks I will spend getting organized and enjoying the remainder of my time with my "only" before he is a big brother.

Oh, and another fun note: Nathaniel is all about the phone lately and talking on it. So everything is a phone. He handed me a toy today telling me that it was the phone and that he was talking to his baby brother. I'm so excited for him to actually meet his baby brother!

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Anonymous said...

Nathaniel is definitely an impressive little fellow. We enjoyed having you two visit. He was in great spirits and I've sent those pictures to a number of people. ks