Friday, January 30, 2009

What happens when you play said bizarre country song backwards?

You get your Buick back, your cat back and your husband back.

Well, not really all of those things, but I have been encouraged the last few days.

First of all, I was able to find Socrates the second evening he was gone. The stupid cat couldn't find his own way home and was two doors down meowing pitifully. So much for cats knowing how to get back home. This cat was close but couldn't find it. I was very happy to have him back though and I've even tolerated his bad behavior a bit more. I actually didn't kick him out of my bed this morning when he was licking my chin to wake me up.

Second, I was driving to Disneyland today and had to run a couple of errands before hand. I needed to use the atm quick and since there are few drive through ones around here I usually park right in front, crack the windows, lock the doors and leave Nathaniel where he is (I am never more than five feet from him at any point). Today when I went to crack the passenger window it actually came down! Hooray for something that wasn't working working again! Plus, none of the evil dash lights have been yelling at me lately (although I know the problems haven't fixed themselves, it's nice not to have the reminder glaring at me regularly).

Finally, Sam told me that if I call the Red Cross when I go in labor (actually, three days before) he may get a short short leave to come home. Of course, I will shoot myself if I am in labor for three days, but knowing that Sam might get a short visit home (less than a week) would be nice. Just so he can meet his son before his son is a burgeoning toddler.

So, life is going well. Disneyland was a crazy mad-house today which is weird for the end of January. I think the whole, "Get in free on your birthday" thing coupled with a new payment plan for annual passes is actually working for them. It took me almost 20 minutes just to get into the parking structure! It was nice though, we went to California Adventure and rode the kiddie rides so there were no waits and Nathaniel thoroughly enjoyed running through the water areas and getting soaked in this 80 degree weather.


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Anonymous said...

Socrates wasn't licking you to wake you up; he was just preparing for the ultimate meal. As I told you before, if they were big enough to eat you, they would!