Monday, March 2, 2009

I think we're going to make it.

This is a really cute video I got of the boys last night after bathtime. It was one of those moments where I felt like we were really going to survive. I had both boys bathed and jammied up before 8:30 (which is bedtime). I even got to read to Nathaniel and sit with him for a bit before bedtime.

I think what has made the most difference is my ability to get out and drive. It breaks my day up a bit more and keeps us from going crazy. On Saturday we didn't get out at all and the boys were both crazy all day long, which made me go crazy as well.

Of course, people providing meals for us the past week has also helped us a ton since I don't have to make dinner and the clean up is minimal.

On the potty training front we are having more good days than not. Today was an off day, but Nathaniel did take a three hour nap which kind of puts a cramp in the training (not that I'm complaining about the nap!). Tonight he actually did a #2 in the toilet, which is a milestone for sure!

Not too much else going on. I'm trying to get Aaron on a schedule so I can start pumping and get back to "work". I am going to help out with a new "intern" at church, which is exciting to me to pour all I've learned into a new person who is interested in doing youth ministry. I also just want to be able to get out more and know when food time is for Aaron. I don't want to leave Aaron with a sitter until he's more on a schedule either.

I'm also itching to start working out again. I hate not being able to go running or really work out. I've been walking briskly places though since I've been feeling so great. I think this Sunday I may actually try to walk to church if it isn't too hot. My stroller pushes really easily and it is only a mile away so...we'll see. Although I have things going on every single Sunday through Easter now after church so probably not.

On a random note, Nathaniel is watching Elmo's Potty Time and there is a song montage about being potty trained and all of these kids are dancing around proud to finally be potty trained. I swear, all of the kids are about 4 or 5. Please, shoot me if my kid is four and not potty trained!


Lee Jones said...

You ARE going to make it! :-D

BTW, I tried re-posting the video to

Anonymous said...

It looks like Aaron can see him! Seriously cute. Oh, there's never any doubt that Carrie and company can make it. You have a fantastic survival instinct.