Monday, March 10, 2008

Cypress church night at the Oscars...and other funnies.

Click on the title to see the video my girls made for our annual night at the oscars. From there, if you type in c c oscars 2008 you should be able to see all of the videos our talented students made. My personal favorites are 'A Day in the Life of a Ninja' and 'Homeschool vs. Public School'. We have some pretty talented kids!

On another note. I had a prof make a funny today and I don't even think he realized it (either that, or my maturity level falls in line with those to whom I minister...).

Mick Boersma: Is there anyone here who is good at time management?

Me: (raises hand quickly).

Mick: (with a surprised look on his face because he wasn't expecting anyone to admit it) What makes you think you're good at time management?

Me: Because, with all of the different things I have going on I have yet to drop the ball.

Mick: You do do a lot. You're a mom, a wife, a student, you work at church...I would say that you have more balls than anyone in this class.

Me: (closes eyes in silent laughter wondering if anyone else in the class gets why I'm giggling).

For anyone who wonders why that's funny, I'm the only female in this class full of men.

Maybe I'm just immature. tee hee. poop.


Lee Jones said...

Well, Cathy & I both got it right away, so I guess we're about equally mature... :-)

Dan said...

I'd say that crudity aside, there's probably a bit of truth to that - how many other Christian mothers would be willing to do what you do? Not just juggling your time and commitments, but standing up to the rather archaic sexism you've encountered in your studies.

Nod :)