Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hooray for vacation!

Tomorrow we are heading up to Northern (ish) California for a much needed mini vacation. We've been working super hard since Christmas and are definitely ready for a break. Of course, we get to be at church tomorrow morning at 6am (I say 'get to' because it really is a privilege to work with such talented people in our orchestra/choir) and then play for three services. After that Nathaniel has an Easter Egg hunt across the street (I'm thinking we may forgo that since he may be cranky) and then it's home to finish loading up, change clothes, grab some lunch and head up to Fresno! Mon-Thur we are camping at Yosemite National Park. We are so excited! Sam is looking forward to hiking and cooking and I'm looking forward to grading papers in the wilderness (yes, I still have to work), studying the Bible for my teaching next Sunday and just sitting and being without hearing other people.
Even as I sit and type this I hear one loud neighbor talking (although, I have to admit, the way our apartments are set up, it's kind of a sound tunnel where every sound gets funneled into our living room--or so it seems), I hear my next door neighbor moving things around and I can hear another neighbor's phone. I can't wait to finally be able to hear myself think!
Of course, I still have to get things packed up. Sam decided to pack everything he owns, so I just left him a message on his phone telling him to cut it back because he takes up one whole HUGE duffel bag all by himself and our car simply isn't big enough.
Hooray for family time up in the wilderness and hooray for soon to be quiet!! I probably won't want to come back.

Oh, and on another note. Happy Easter to everyone. Let's celebrate our risen Lord!! Woo Hoo!! I know I'm thankful for His sacrifice on the cross, it's definitely changed me.

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Lee Jones said...

Hearing yourself think? Why would you want to do that? :-p