Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He's a keeper...

My husband is amazing. I don't give him enough credit much of the time so I have decided to devote a blog entry just to him and his amazing-ness.

First of all, I have been really overwhelmed lately with life and everything involved. It's just one of those seasons of life where everything comes to a head and I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up (not on life, but school and everything else). Sam is in the same boat I am, only he works harder at a job that he has to work at just so we can pay our bills. Amazing. It takes a special breed who will willingly work at a place that says, "some pink or no pink in that?" on a regular basis. He does this without complaining so I can do my internship.

The other day I mentioned in passing that I was tired and overwhelmed with school and housework and felt bad because Nathaniel was acting out while I was trying to do my homework. I can't blame him for wanting my attention, it's hard. Sam patiently listened to my mini-vent and then stayed up with me talking until around midnight. When I got home from class on Tuesday (the next day) I came home to a clean house. The dishes were done, the refridgerator cleaned, the garbage out, the catboxes cleaned and the vaccuming done! He also had taken Nathaniel to the park to play...all during the morning! He also went grocery shopping that afternoon after Nathaniel got up from his nap while I was at church working. Super husband! He also bought me my favorite snack, which he normally NEVER buys for me because he doesn't like it (flaming hot cheetos with lime). What an amazing man!!

He works extra during the weeks surrounding National Guard weekends, even though he has less time for homework, just so we can continue to make ends meet in between paychecks. On top of all of that, he is super intelligent. He is reading two papers at two separate conferences two days in a row next month! He has fellow students approach him after class to help explain difficult concepts. He's amazingly smart.

So, I am just so blessed to have an amazing husband who is loving and completely supportive. He has given me the space to pursue my goals and life calling and does so without complaining or bitterness.

He's awesome!


David said...

That's great, but tell Sam to tone it down a bit, will ya? He's making the rest of us look bad. By the way, does he work at Red Robin? Oh, I love that place: I'll take the Red Robin burger please, and just keep the fries comin'.

Lee Jones said...

He is smart, and amazing. If only he weren't such a corrupting influence in my life! (Just kidding!)