Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monkey see...monkey do. Yikes!

I've been doing homework all afternoon while Nathaniel has been playing around. It's sort of a necessary evil of being in the throes of school...but he hasn't seemed any worse for the wear (today anyways...). As I sat here checking my email I heard Nathaniel "reading" and glanced over to see what book he was looking at. Imagine my amusement when I saw that he had my Intro to World Missions book. I was amused and went to blog about how I see my kid's future as a missionary or a student or something (all tongue-in-cheek of course). As I started to sign in Nathaniel put down the book, grabbed my old cell phone and began to "talk".

Oops...I guess I'm not a good model of a student.


Dan said...

You're no monkey. ;-)

Kate said...

LOL. The kiddo cracks me up. :)

You rock! (But apparently, you already knew that...giggle)

Wacky Weavers said...

such a cutie!