Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We are in mourning...

Nathaniel ready for bed with a book, his water, Tigger and his blankie.
We will miss you blankie!

As I started to write this blog, I realized how ridiculous I'm reacting to the loss we have experienced today. I had to delete what I first started typing because I was afraid that someone would think that someone died. No one has died. But we did lose a close member of our little family.

Today Nathaniel lost his blankie. Strike that, one of his parents lost his blankie.

I'm heart sick. My poor child cried for 45 minutes tonight before he went to bed, as he kept looking in his covers for his 'bee-bee'. I think he was trying to convince himself that if he looked hard enough it would reappear.

We don't know where we lost it (although, I have a sneaking suspicion that it was Sam...), but I have checked church, the library, the restaurant where we ate lunch, the park, the car, the diaper bag...everywhere. Currently Sam is heading back over to the park to retrace his steps in hopes that we can find it. He thinks that Nathaniel tossed it overboard on their way back from the park this morning and he didn't notice.

Ugh. It's ridiculous how emotional I am over this. It was a great blanket too, it came from a friend of Sam's mom and I looked at the website ( and saw that I could not replace it because they don't have his style anymore (and it's 36.00!). I think I'm just not looking forward to the next few nights of crying (Nathaniel, not me). Also, whenever he gets grumpy when we're out, it's an instant pacifier. I just hand him "bee-bee" and he calms down instantly (or throw it on the floor).

Am I crazy, or have other mom's mourned the loss of their child's lovey? Please tell me I'm not alone...I honestly feel like I'm grieving. I'm still in the state of denial (hence the hubby making a midnight trek by the park...eesh).

I need sleep...I think I'm honestly starting to lose it!


Katie said...

You are soooooo not crazy. This is a significant loss for both of you. Check out this website: or just Google "transitional object" and you'll find out how important blankets (or teddy bears, etc.) are to lots of kids (and parents!). Sorry to hear about your grief. On a separate note, we will most likely be in SoCal 17May-25May. Whoo hoo!

Lee Jones said...

If I see a wandering blankie, I'll be sure to let you know. Did you check the wash?