Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Super Why!

Nathaniel isn't normally allowed to watch a lot of t.v. There's quite a few reasons behind this (one being that on a tight budget we don't have cable nor do we have the extra cash to drop 15$ per kids movie, so there just aren't a lot of opportunities for him to watch t.v.). The major reason though is because I like having a kid who is able to entertain himself by looking at books, playing with his little people and just rummaging around our cabinets "cooking".

With that said...there are a few shows that Nathaniel gets to watch regularly. One of those is Sesame Street, because he's a bear in the morning if he doesn't get his milk and t.v. time. The other one is a fairly new show on PBS called 'Super Why'. It's a great show that is geared for preschoolers but still manages to mesmorize my kid. It introduces the alphabet and works on reading skills, all while telling a story. Nathaniel loves standing in front of the t.v. calling out random letters while the show is on (similar to the way he was when Wheel of Fortune happened to be on one day...). I really enjoy shows that are entertaining and educational, so I'm happy my kid likes this one.

However, he also discovered Toy Story and often stands in front of the t.v. saying "Woo-wee!" because he wants to watch it...I'm trying to figure out how we can return the movie to our friends without scarring the poor boy. I'm sure he'll be fine.

That's our regular update for Nathaniel. He threw up yesterday which made me wonder if he was getting the flu that's been floating around. But he only threw up once (poor Sam, I was at work when it all went down--or came up!) and didn't run a fever at all so...maybe it was just something he ate. We made it to Disneyland as a family on Monday evening. That was nice. The hours are later during the week now due to spring and there are flowers all over the park. The area by the Haunted Mansion wasn't too crowded so we just had a nice little evening as a family.

So, even in the midst of the stresses of school (7 weeks left, then 6 weeks of summer school) and work and scheduling we are managing to have family time. It's nice.


Lee Jones said...

And here I thought Nathaniel learned to relentlessly ask, "why? why?"

McMommy said...

Super Why is Matty's current favorite show right now too! I love it. And they way they sing the ABC's on the show...I'm voting that should be the "new" way to sing the ABC song! :)